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Publishers are experiencing a paradigm shift in media consumption: now operating in an environment where the consumer has more choice than ever before. Challenges, such as the rise of free online content aggregators, are resulting in a shift towards print publishers selling brands and monetising interactions with their consumers rather than just selling advertising space.

Understanding your marketplace and revenue streams through clear and reliable data is critical in the analysis of customer information, with a solution that consolidates facts and figures from all parts of your business being of paramount importance.

BrightMedia, THE Salesforce media solution, gives you:

  • Opportunity to Proposal to Cross-media Orders
  • Product Management
  • Pricing Engine
  • Create complex digital packages
  • Digital and Print Scheduling
  • Billing Engine
  • H&J with print-ready PDF/EPS generation
  • Fulfillment data tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile access

To find out more about BrightGen's media solution BrightMedia, click here.

BrightKPI will increase the operational performance of your enterprise with management reporting that gives you a single view across your entire business.

What can BrightKPI do for you?

  • Presentation and drill down capability into key performance indicators.
  • Allows comparison of ERP data with Sales data already held in Salesforce.
  • Allows your key business metrics to be viewed from any location, issues can be dealt with quicker and opportunities worked on sooner.

Why you should use BrightKPI?

  • Change your senior management discussion from data accuracy to strategic decision making.
  • Addresses the real need for your business to monitor their performance and proactively react to issues and opportunities.
  • Improve KPI workflows in addition to timeliness and accuracy of the data that drives your business with colour coding to identify problem and success areas.

BrightGen Facilities Management™ provides extensive Facilities Management functionality without the need for any technical infrastructure.

What can BrightFM do for you?

  • BrightFM is a complete Facilities, Housing and Workforce management solution on the platform.
  • BrightFM optimises the process efficiencies of your business, allowing extensive and flexible Facilities Management across geographical boundries.

Why you should use BrightFM?

  • BrightFM enhances data accuracy and workforce productivity within your business.
  • BrightFM is aimed at organisations of all sizes and enables effective management of both single facility cases or multiple site instances across the globe.

BrightSMS allows you to send single or bulk SMS messages directly from any Salesforce or applications. You can be up and running and ready to send messages in minutes.

What can BrightSMS do for you?

  • BrightSMS guarantees the arrival of your messages with the highest level of reliability and speed.
  • BrightSMS can be used to send SMS messages to your contacts directly from any Salesforce or application to UK or International numbers.

Why you should use BrightSMS?

  • Improves your customers' experiences through an improved sales process.
  • BrightSMS leverages your existing investment with better ROI.
  • Provides an additional faster and more reliable additional communications channel.

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