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On June 5th, myself and other assorted MVPs will gather in San Francisco for the second annual Salesforce MVP Summit.  Unlike last year's event, which was a single day, this year we have two days of access to Product Managers, roadmap presentations and other exciting content.

Unfortunately, these sessions are subject to an NDA, which means that we can't share the information outside of the MVP circle (for example, last year we had a sneak preview of the Salesforce1 mobile application but I'll bet nobody heard a word about that from anyone present). Where the information is especially useful is dealing with customers who are considering custom development, in that if we know that the feature that they are considering implementing is likely to be natively supported in a future Salesforce release, we can offer them some guidance about whether they should continue with the custom build or wait a while.

Another great aspect of the summit is the chance to influence future development - for example, last year I spent some time giving feedback on the options being considered for improving deployments, and there were a bunch of these sessions going on across the whole product set.

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