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With the launch of the Salesforce AppExchange for Components on 28th July 2015, businesses can now build and deploy apps with ease using drag and drop Lightning Components. Among the apps available is BrightGen’s Signature Capture.

Signature Capture is a Lightning Component that allows signing via a browser or mobile device and stores the captured signature as a Salesforce attachment.

  • Capture customer sign off at the point of task completion

  • Record the signature against any subject that supports attachments

  • Pure HTML5 - no additional libraries or browser add ons

Signature Capture is a pure HTML5 native Lightning Component that allows users and customers to draw their signature in an area of a web page associated with a Salesforce record.

This process can be repeated until the signer is happy that the captured image is an accurate representation of their signature, at which point they can click a button to save it.

The signature is then converted into an image file and uploaded to Salesforce, where it is stored as an attachment against the Salesforce record named 'Signature.png'.

Check out our app here.

We're keen to receive feedback telling us about your experience of using the application or suggesting new features you would like to see. If you’d like to get in touch, please complete our feedback form here.

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