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Elevate Your Salesforce Developer Career

Salesforce and assorted MVPs are running a FREE developer training day in London on December 5th. There are three tracks available so regardless of your skill level there'll be something to tempt you, including for the first time a Heroku track!

Basics Track : this covers how to build applications on the Salesforce1 application without writing a line of code

Programmatic Track : this is aimed at declarative developers familiar with the Salesforce1 platform and Java/.Net developers interested in getting started with Salesforce coding.

Heroku Track : this is for developers interested in building applications on Heroku and also covers integration with Salesforce.

In case I didn't make it clear above, this is a FREE workshop so the most it will cost you is a day out of the office. There's still time to sign up for the workshop, so don't delay as there are only so many seats that can be fitted into the available space.

Make sure to bring your laptop (a tablet won't cut it I'm afraid - they aren't a great device to develop on anyway!) and sign up for a new developer edition of Salesforce to build the workshop exercises - these are also free so there's no need to try to re-use an old one. If you are attending the Programmatic Track and using a windows machine, I'd recommend getting Node and NPM correctly installed prior to the day, as this slowed some of the attendees down in my hands on workshop session at Dreamforce.

If that isn't enough to persuade you, I'll be co-presenting the track 2 with Peter Chittum of the Salesforce Developer Relations team and the content looks awesome. So you'll get to meet me and ask any questions you might have about what life is like at the top performing UK Platinum Partner. I look forward to seeing you their on the 5th.

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