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MVP Summit Diary

Day 3 - Friday 6th June 

After breakfast it was time for a True to the Core session with Parker Harris - that's right, the co-founder of Salesforce takes time out of his (no doubt insanely) busy schedule to spend time with the MVPs.  

The rest of the day was spent with product managers for the various Salesforce products outside of the platform (sales, service, chatter, analytics, communities) before once again breaking up for another four sessions of round table speed dating based around these products.  As these areas aren't quite so much of a focus for me, I was intending to listen rather than ask questions, but its amazing how a question from one person leads to follow on questions from the rest of the table.

Once these sessions were completed, it was time for Matt and April to wrap up proceedings, with Matt sporting a particularly fine set of sunglasses:

User-added image

Then the last organised event of the summit - the networking reception - where those of us originating from or based in the UK posed for an 'Empire MVPs Strike Back' photo:

User-added image

we were then left to our own devices for the evening, which for most of us meant a trip to Johnny Foley's, also known as The Mothership during Dreamforce, as you can turn up there at any hour of the day or night and it will be full of people you know.

That was the MVP Summit done for the second year - all in all a great trip and I can't wait to see what Matt comes up with next year.

Before I close, a word of thanks to BrightGen for giving me the time to attend the summit - three days out of the office is a big commitment, especially for senior staff, but as always the Directors were supportive of my community activities.

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